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2019 TAPD Oral Care Service Grants Program

The 2018 Oral Care Service Grants Programs aims to improve oral healthcare education in remote areas of Taiwan. There is currently a strong need for additional resources and better community awareness through education to improve the oral healthcare situation in areas with inadequate resources in Taiwan. The strategy of the 2018 program is to provide a direct-contacting approach to support improved oral healthcare and awareness in the remote communities by randomly selecting 30 elementary schools covering about 2,250 students in total. Coordination, scheduling, and standardized training will be performed after staff recruitment. Oral examination and questionnaire surveys about oral health attitude will be performed at the beginning . We aim at improving oral hygiene and awareness by designing and delivering specific projects of oral hygiene education/activity for each school. We will train and encourage the teachers/parents/caregivers as the oral hygiene keeper for the children. We plan to conduct follow-up visits at ten of the schools after 6 months to review the results, the oral hygiene (plaque index) and oral health attitude (questionnaire survey).
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